AI Based score improvement platform for education institutions.

Our Ai-based test creation engine instantly and automatically
creates tests that are personalized and customized
for each student based on their performance
and learning abilities.

More Tests | Better Results | More Admissions

Automated test creation means more tests for frequent evaluation.
Customised tests for each student results in better results.
More tests and better results mean more admissions

Bodhi AI features

Game changing, yet simple to use

How is Bodhi AI helping coaching classes and colleges deliver significantly better results?
Bodhi AI helps education institutions create and conduct tests instantly. That’s why education institutions can conduct a lot more tests to get their students better prepared. What’s more, because of our AI engine which analyses each student’s performance, the tests are customized for each student, resulting in better results.

Create customised tests within seconds with one click.

Select questions from the curated question bank.

Save time and money !!


Publish tests for both online and offline modes.


Get to know the weak/strong areas of an individual student or of the whole class.

Powerful and simple student and teacher reports.

Prediction and Recommendation

Get to know how your students will do beforehand.

Personalised Recommendations for each student to improve.


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