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    Bodhi AI will guide you to high ranking. Like google maps guides you to your destination.

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Preparation made

At last, a platform that divides your course into
smaller personal goals and makes you achieve them
with friends in way that is not boring.

  • AI that divides courses into smaller personal goals.

  • Achieve goals with friends in a novel fun way.

  • Say goodbye to boring study.

for you

  • Technology that understands you
    and creates a study plan that is
    best suited for you.

  • Your personal study plan will help you
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  • A personal guide that will make your
    preparation easy.

  • Surest and Fastest way to achieve
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Content and help
by top experts.

  • Our questions, notes, videos
    are created
    by experts
    that are top in their field.

  • Doubt solving and guidance by those who
    have already achieved
    what you want to

It's like having your own personal teacher.

Bodhi AI is versatile enough to
understand your learning pattern.
Then a unique learning path is created
for you; that
enables you to score higher while saving time.

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  • Simple
    things work

    Bodhi AI cuts through courses and presents them in a way that is very simple.

  • Preparation
    is now like playing a game.

    Challenge and beat friends
    or strangers and move up the rankings.

  • One step
    at a time

    Get personalized study plan
    maximising your efficiency.

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