Aug. 17, 2019

Advantages and Disadvantages of e-learning:

This blog is about e-learning, examining the pros and cons of the most common learning

approaches these days, training and development through e-learning. If you get an idea of it,

you will be able to better understand it and make use of it accordingly.

What is e-learning?

Web-based learning is usually called eLearning or online learning. This basically includes

online training on courses offered on the Internet. Email, live lectures, and video

conferencing are possible through the network. This allows all participants to express their

opinions on a topic and then discuss it further. They also offer static pages as printed material

for the benefit of all participants. One of the main benefits of accessing pages on the Web is

that most web pages contain hyperlinks that direct you to other pages, thus opening up a lot

of information on the Web. There are some websites that curate for you the best online

learning preparation experience- to name a few- BYJUs. Unacademy, BodhiAI etc.

Advantages of e-learning


The e-learning course is not limited to meeting the needs of the majority. If you feel you

already know a certain field and don't need to spend more time, you can see it and focus on

what you want to do more. Everyone can learn at his or her own pace, a big factor that only e-

learning can offer. Online Test Series offered by a various websites are tailor-made and allow

the individuals to select the number of lectures they want and the duration of the course as


Usage of Smartphone

Because e-learning can be done on laptops, tablets, and cellphones, this is a very mobile

method. Learning can be done on a train, on a plane or at other times that can usually be

missed. In traditional learning methods, you are restricted in the classroom, now the whole

world can be your classroom. All you need is to open your app, and just go to the test series

and you can begin anywhere.

Saving in time as well as money

Because you don't spend time as a lecturer or room or equipment, eLearning is usually a

much cheaper option. If you already have a device that can provide training, you can make

significant savings. If you and your business have a limited budget, this might be the ideal

choice for you. Likewise, companies with thousands of employees can reduce one's costs,

especially in areas such as money laundering, compliance, and Microsoft Office training.

Furthermore, you can save time as e-learning eliminate the need to travel. You can find the

best online test series just at your fingertips.


However, all that glitters is not gold. Every coin has a flip side, there are disadvantages of

digital learning as well.

Disadvantages of e-learning

Lack of Control

As a learner, if you are low at motivation, you tend to misuse e-learning because you do not

have time constraints and are responsible for the organization yourself. Lack of routines or

schedules can still cause tightening of e-learning due to different deadlines, which are often

given to different people at different training stages. Also, while learning on your

smartphone, the notifications can be distracting.


Many questions are very easy to answer if you are face to face with someone. E-learning

often prevents the trainer from answering many questions at any time and only does so during

working hours. Many students can choose to study outside working hours. This isolated

feeling can often reduce people's motivation because they feel they have no support or trust to

ensure the physical presence of the coach. However, if you are opting for a test series with a

renowned website like Byju’s, Unacademy or BodhiAI, such isolation is reduced.\

Technical Issues

With the huge reliance on computers brought by e-learning, potential risks go hand in hand.

First of all, make sure that all students have devices that support the learning module. Some

e-learning tools require software such as Flash that doesn't support devices like the iPad.

Therefore, all requirements must be disclosed at the outset. Poor internet connection and

random errors that are often unavoidable can also interfere with training so it needs to be


Therefore, in order to go in for online exam preparation, it is essential to have a check at all

the factors that may cause hindrances in your experience with the best online test series.

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