Aug. 17, 2019

Advantages of Using Educational Mobile Apps For Learning:

In these changing times, students are more driven towards using a mobile phone for exam preparation. The world is at the fingertips and a student can get access to any information be it for mock test series or any other thing. Learning is a continuous process and the focus has now completely shifted to eLearning. Due to various feature-oriented exam practice applications, students can learn at their pace and take their time at understanding things, as everything is just a click away.

Advantages of Using Educational Mobile Apps For Learning

1. New Learning Methods

The introduction of applications in the education sector has led to the introduction of new learning methods. There are fun games available on mobile applications that indulge the students into a healthy thought process and help them understand things from a different perspective.

2. Individually-focused learning

It’s difficult for teachers to engage each and every student with what is being taught. This can hamper the Student's interest.  However, when a student is using an app the complete interaction time is their own. They can learn the way they want and utilized the time accordingly.

3. eBooks And Online Study

These days, students are generally very fond of online studying. This is where library apps and book search apps come into the picture. These applications make it easy for the students to search for the appropriate study material in the mobile application. It keeps them closer to the study material and helps them in segregating their studying materials over the web.

Following are the list of some companies who are providing free Learning content to students:

1. Khan Academy-

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. 

2. Bodhi AI-

An AI-based learning platform for students with the help of an Assistant. It’s like having your own personal teacher who guides you at every step. Divides your course into smaller modules and makes you achieve them in a way that is easy and at the same time fun.

To stress how quickly the face of education is changing, here are a few Facts on how technology has taken over education.

1. Over 20 million students worldwide use Google apps for education.

2. Use of educational Google apps has increased 100 percent in the last two years alone.

3. Opting Google apps for education can save up to $1.5 million per year in classrooms.

4. 72 of the top 100 universities in the United States use Google apps for education.

5. 73 percent of teachers access digital content from their mobiles.

6. 90 percent of the world’s population has access to mobile phones; almost seven billion mobile phones on the planet.

Role of Teachers and Parents

Teachers, parents, and students should be aware of the changing trends in the industry. The major ones emerging now is going cloud and being social. Smart devices with educational apps installed on them have the potential to replace notebooks and textbooks. It will altogether change the prevalent concepts of classrooms and the ways students are taught. Students and teachers can locate themselves locally or globally and be a member of the same school or university.

Educational apps provide many benefits to students which include convenience and fun elements while learning. As mobile devices overtake computers, Learning and Exam preparation apps like Bodhi AI will be the future of Education.