Aug. 28, 2019

Crack Railway Exam in First Attempt:

Performance in any exam depends on your plan to study. We can say that our best performance may suffer if we do not have a research plan. Sometimes students arrange a schedule to prepare for various RRB exams. But making a plan is not enough to break the Railways test. One should also stick to it and implement it as well. However, there must be an appropriate method for preparing each topic, and in a manner that one is not confused at the dooms day!

Time Management

Time management is one of the important factors which makes difference between champions and ordinary candidates. Candidates should divide proper time to every part of the preparation be it syllabus, practicing mock test, taking breaks etc.

Smart Work

Smart work has become new a trend to get through any competitive exams. Smart work includes hard work along with time management. Candidates should be aware of the weightage of every section and their capabilities to plan the preparation process.

Stay stress-free

Many of the students get anxious and take stress while they appear in the exam. You should stay calm and believe in yourself. Stay confident with your capabilities and preparation.

Complete syllabus on time

Candidates should complete their syllabus on time so that they have enough time for their practice sessions. Because, the only thing which will lead you to the success is PRACTICE.

Practice mock test papers

Mock Test papers are meant to boost up your confidence with different level of difficulties. Eduncle provides Mock Test papers with the solved answer keys so that if you stuck somewhere it will be easy for you to get out of that problem.


Time bound sessions

Practicing previous year question papers from Railway Study Material in time bound session will always give benefit to you to appear in the main examination. Practicing previous year question papers in time bound session creates an environment like the main exam.

Take Test

After completing topic you should take a test so that if you are weak at that topic, you should make it strong at that point of time only.

Some Last Minute Tips

Start with simple topics that are mostly needed, using simple formulas or calculations like LCM, HCF, average, percentage, profit and loss, normal and complex interest, and so on. Turn to some difficult topics such as simplification, time and work, time, distance and speed, ships and rivers, pipes and tanks, etc., which require a critical approach. Clear the theory behind this topic and complete as many practical questions as possible. If you find that any topic is very difficult, don't spend too much time. Instead, use your time to master other topics.

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