Sept. 6, 2019

How does CBSE Pattern Help in NEET and IIT Exam Preparation?:

Educating kids has become a herculean task nowadays, with so many schools and so many boards to choose from. Not only do parents think about the school and the value of their brand, but also about the curriculum that is most suitable for their children. A few years ago, they chose the state curriculum if they did not think they would move cities and the national curriculum if they could be transferred.

Among the various options available in this country, CBSE has become a preferred choice for many people, and the latest trend shows that your chance to clear JEE is higher than the chance of a student who belongs to another student when you exit the CBSE board is another tip. This does not mean that a CBSE student is at the top of the list, but only that a CBSE student has a head start only when preparing for competitive exams, especially IIT JEE (engineering) and NEET (pre-medical). CBSE comes against the background of the various choices available and is increasingly recognized by students preparing for competitive exams.



The question that needs to be answered is that the special thing about CBSE is that most students take upcoming technical and pre-medical examinations.The arrival of schools in accordance with the international curriculum makes it easier for parents who are international mobile. For the rest of the parents who think of choosing a board according to the nature of jobs they want for their kids, the task becomes even more cumbersome. However, we believe that CBSE board gives an edge over other boards. Hereare some reasons behind that-


CBSE has a numerical advantage because it has more students who take 12th grade than other councils. The universality of the board makes it easy for the applicants to understand the extent of competition. This has a geographical advantage because the number of schools affiliated with the CBSE Board is higher in subways and major cities in the country. These cities have better IIT training opportunities and many of these training centers have begun training young students.

Relatable Curriculum

The course syllabus also contributes to the success of CBSE students participating in IIT. Although the curriculum is somewhat similar to the IIT exam, this curriculum provides a solid basis for passing the IIT entrance examination. Another reason that contributes to the

high CBSE success rate is the structure of the course. This is based more on logical reasoning and analytical skills rather than memorizing facts. Amiable when Compared to State Boards CBSE is much friendlier to students than state councilors. The course structure aims to ensure that students are not under a lot of pressure and make interactive and interesting books. The chapters also provide many fun activities that allow students to learn by playing. This makes the whole process of student knowledge transfer efficient and reasonable. You can find neet online test series and online test for IIT in sync with CBSE.

Gives a Positive Environment

The CBSE exam is also very conducive for a positive environment for students. Every effort is made to ensure that students really learn from the whole process. You don't need to cuddle to pass the exam. The material is designed to test how much students have learned. The results are mostly cheap and very few students fail the CBSE exam. The CBSE curriculum will definitely help you greatly if you intend to conduct future training at a central institution such as IIT or AIIMS. Preliminary examinations for these institutions are only conducted by CBSE. Therefore, you can have all the advantages over the others once you have completed primary and secondary education on the CBSE Board.

Stress-free Learning

CBSE not only provides students with high-quality knowledge but also general physical and mental growth. This encourages students to exercise and learn and emphasizes children physical growth. It also teaches students to be good citizens and, above all, good people. CBSE offers students a high level of flexibility to pursue their areas of interest. At each stage of the study, students have the choice to study in their area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, and there is no compulsion to choose a particular field of study. Above all, this gives students a sense of trust and ultimately helps them to believe in the system.

Furthermore, online preparation portals like BYJUs, Unacademy, mystudycart, plancess,  BodhiAI etc. are in sync with CBSE as well. These help in IIT Exam Preparation and

online neet preparation. So, the applicants from that background get an edge over others.

Happy Preparation!