Aug. 17, 2019

How Online Test Series can help for NEET Exam Preparation?:

NEET 2020 – National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) is a medical entrance exam conducted nation-wide. It is organized and planned by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for MBBS/BDS admission in each and every MCI/DCI approved colleges of the country. Since NTA came into the picture, many things have changed in NEET 2020 such as mode of exam, its frequency. However, those studying in class 11th or 12th, their entire focus at the moment should be exam preparation and nothing else.

And instead of going here and there for the coaching classes and preparatory stuff, the better and the recommended method is to go for NEET online test series. Online NEET preparation has a lot of aspects one can work on. Also, till now the exam is being conducted offline, and no different instructions have come as yet. So, it is expected that it will be similar to previous years. In any way, preparing for the exam online is beneficial and here are some reasons, why:

Boosts Morale

Sports not only make perfect but also create confidence. By completing further question papers, you can manage your time and efficiency with great confidence. The more tests you do, the better you understand your strengths and weaknesses. The online test series also gives you the opportunity to solve any questions with a positive attitude. The NEET online test series will be very helpful.

Reduces the Chances of Error

It's easy to get confused in learning and wrong. In NEET you have multiple-choice questions (MCQs), so there is a possibility of small errors such as rating errors, lack of attention, etc. can be made and that too very often. The more you practice with the test series, the more you will be alert during the test. Layout tests help you learn from mistakes and break down questions about smart decisions.

Time Management

Time is the most important factor in removing NEET. Posting questions within a certain time period is certainly not easy given the number of questions asked and the total time available. Because of this, completing the layout test will help! The more items you choose, the better your chances of completing the article on time.

Instant Analysis

The test suite offers unique features such as document customization, instant analysis of test results, understanding of vulnerabilities, and more. By the time you finish the test, you can check the results to see where you stand preparation. You get a good idea of ​​how much more you need to prepare and improvise.

Convert Strength into Weakness

Once you know your weaknesses, you can prepare accordingly with websites like Bodhi AI. You will get content that will help you clear your concepts from the very basic, and once that is done, you are good to go!

Good Content and Mock Tests

Websites like Byjus, Unacademy, and BodhiAI have good really beneficial content for those who choose online preparation over the orthodox traditional methods. Furthermore, every time you go in for NEET mock tests, here are things you need to focus on:

Experts recommend that students complete documents from previous years, not only NEET (and previous AIPMT), but also inputs such as AIIMS MBBS and JIPMER MBBS, as long as the curriculum meets NEET 2020 requirements.

Take at least 15 models and documents from the last 12 years before the last exam and track it with an analysis of the results. Toppers have solved questions over the past 30 years to understand the model and nature of questions, and they have used many layout tests thoroughly and guided by them. Postgraduate students should try to adopt as many types of layout tests for NEET 2020 as possible to their individual situations.

Certain topics or topics can be practiced by the question bank to consolidate concepts and develop expertise. If you make fun of the topic, students can assess each subject individually. While preparing physics, which is considered one of the most difficult topics, this strategy is very useful. For NEET 2020 preparation, it is also important to practice the full layout. The benefits of practicing layout can only be fully realized when we focus on the full layout test.

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