Aug. 17, 2019

How to Write Best Notes of General Awareness for SSC CGL:

There is not a word of doubt that for any competitive exam, note writing is essential. For it is the best and most efficient way you can ensure that you remember what you read. Also, we would say digital notes are way better than handwritten notes. 

When it comes to exams such as SSC CGL, online exam preparation is always a better way to go in for note making purposes. Here are some reasons as to why you should go for note making-


Thousands of unkempt loose free pages, on your promising notebook "this time you actually put it in the right folder when you go home from school". And we all know how it works. When you want to prepare for an exam, all of these pages never seem to exist, and you have to admit that you lost the record again. Meanwhile, most course material and slides are available as PDF or PowerPoint files. Then why print it when you can easily import it into the application of your choice? If you still receive paper, you can take photos of our countless scanner applications on the AppStore to digitize them. Also, with the online test series for SSC, you can keep a track of your own preparation and be confident about it.

Save the World

Too much hyperbole? Think about it: Paper is a scarce resource because it is made from trees. Also think of the countless hours (time is also a scarce resource - today) that you spend in front of the printer and the toner you use. Indeed there is more research to be done, but we are sure it will be far more environmentally friendly in the long run to make handwritten notes on the iPad than to delete all paper.


One of the main advantages of Digital is that everything is available almost everywhere. However, we use our smartphones most often and oh, how much we like cloud. So when we write some thoughts or make notes from websites like Byjus, Unacademy, BodhiAI, it will automatically synchronizes the documents with all our devices so that one can access them from any location. In addition, emptying is the past, and you don't have to use your notebook envelope as a last resort (yes, we've done all that).

Now talking about General awareness section in SSC CGL, it is essential to prepare notes for the same, as the data is intense and almost never-ending! Subjects to be covered for the same are:

– History and Culture related topics

– Concepts of Geography


– Political Awareness

– Economics (both Macro and Micro).

– General Science ( Physics, Chemistry as well as Biology).

– Basics of computers and latest advancements in technology.

– Current affairs based questions.

– Other static factual GK

Once you are prepared, the section is a big time saver, and also the negative marking is lesser. If you prepare for General Awareness in an organized manner, you can easily score approx 35 marks. These 30-35 marks provide an edge, an edge which every aspirant wants. This edge can simply open the doors to the next round and make you go places with that. Now we suppose you understand the importance and essence of GK . It can make or break you in cut-throat competition. While preparing for SSC CGL online, here are some points related to note taking for the same!

  • Comprehensive yet crisp notes. Precision is necessary, and ensure they are organized in the easiest way possible.

  • Don’t just rewrite the whole sentence in your notes. Simplify the concept in a language that is understandable to you.

  • You just have to write the gist, as we said, concept is necessary.

  • Note down the facts like important years, dates , names, purpose etc.

  • Make your notes attractive and easy to read. Use colours if you like them.

  • Make boxes to write some facts.

  • Make notes subject-wise or topic-wise. In an organized manner.

  • For Eg: Today’s article in The Hindu Suzlon commissions India’s largest wind turbine generator in T.N.

  • Highlight what is necessary, and only that. This becomes easier when you are preparing online.

  • If you are taking any SSC mock test, summarize the learning and important points from its analysis and keep it safe for future references.


So, happy preparing!