Aug. 28, 2019

Is IIT the Only Option for Engineering?:

Every year, more than 9,000 students undergo JEE entrance exams and enter the shining gates of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). We also read about some of the most inspiring internships on the IIT campus. In 2014 there was an increase in salary packages and the number of job openings on the IIT campus website after a break of several years.Of course, nowadays IIT gives your resume more power and not only strengthens your personality, it's also an indisputable fact that IIT-JEE is one of the toughest entrance exams in India. Almost every engineer has a dream to become an IITIAN, but this dream is only realized by a handful of students compared to those who take other exams. Exactly ten thousand and thirteen paint students working for JEE Main managed to get permission to enter the IIT.

What if you could not get into IIT? Don't consider this to be the end of your brilliant career. Access to IIT does not guarantee a bright future and does not mean the end of your career. What's really important is your dream to have a career as an engineer. As long as you can achieve this, you should not feel defeated unless you fall into an IIT. In fact, after 4 years, no one will ask you which college you graduated from and completed your technique. All that recruiters and companies see is how good you are at relevant courses than others. In my opinion, you shouldn't think too much if
you don't qualify for an IIT. Don't be fooled by what people say. Do not consider it a failure. Just focus on your goals and look for better options. Don't run from reality and try to get past it.



There are still many things that can be achieved without an IIT engineer label.Go for the Second Best Option There is an opportunity cost attaches with every decision. So, instead of giving one more year towards its preparation, the clearest decision when a student has not completed an IIT-JE project is to attend the second-best university or technical college in the country or abroad.

There are a large group of universities and colleges that do other selection tests or accept JEE results. Many prestigious technology institutions and colleges are available for students in

this field and are very competent in providing good technical education. Then, students canreturn these MBA preparations from good institutions in India and receive a comparable level of wages due to all IIT graduates.State Universities.In addition to the central government-funded by IIT, many state and well-known universities rank high on the list of the best engineering colleges in India. In the recent past, the number of leading engineering schools in India in the private sector has increased. Considering your career opportunities, you must first analyze the rank and reputation of the university you wish to attend. Students who have not yet met the requirements for IIT-JEE can always visit a state university or college. Although getting into a tertiary institution is relatively easy, this does not mean that education in this tertiary institution is of a low standard.

 Indulge in a Creative Course We live in a time when employers look for people who are part of all professions and have orders for it. If a student is forced to study on a non-IIT campus, they might want to improve their CV by taking professional courses with them. If there are topics that students think are really made for and can make a career out of them, then it makes sense to treat them together

with basic engineering courses.Prevention is better than cure Although, there is a lot to live than clearing IIT, still, if you want admission in one of the IITs, you should be cautious since day one. Your IIT exam preparation should be well tracked, you should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This can be done when you subscribe to online test series for IIT JEE with good websites like BYJUs, Unacademy or BodhiAI. With BodhiAI, you can get paid to learn. How cool is that! So, prepare accordingly with the online test for IIT. Furthermore, if you find any difficulty, you can always consult the experts with these websites.

So, happy preparing!