Aug. 17, 2019

Strategies and Tips to Prepare for NEET without Coaching:

After graduating from schools, the pressure on children to prepare for any entrance

examination is extremely high. One such examination is NEET, for the medical students.

Complete self-study in preparation for such exams looks like a herculean task. However,

there are many success stories of NEET Topper without guidance. NEET exam preparation

techniques are not easy and the difficulty level increases if you do not take NEET exam

training. If you wish to go for preparing for NEET without coaching, you should be

completely prepared for the road ahead, so here we go!

Gather Information

The first and most important step in preparing NEET without guidance is to collect all

relevant and significant information. Be it for the main exam or for the mock tests, timely

information is the key. Being well informed is one of the key strategies for preparing NEET

without guidance.

NEET Mock Tests

Practicing is the key to all entrance tests. The NEET test follows the specified approved test

model. The test model will give you the right scenario from the NEET exam model. The

importance of the NEET mock test increases when the applicant is preparing for the test

without any external help. It helps you identify your weaker areas and manage your time

better. Remember that you have to answer 180 questions in 180 minutes. So, you have a

minute for each question.

Follow Standard Study Material

When applicants prepare for NEET without guidance, it is important for candidates to refer to

high-quality study material. According to toppers and experts, the best book for NEET 2020

is NCERT. Applicants must first complete their NCERT curriculum. After completing the

NCERT text and answering questions, applicants can practice in the following books and

improve their preparation.

Prepare Online

In the world of the internet, it will not be advised to go for traditional pen-paper method.

Students should go for NEET online test series and moreover subscribe to some good best

online test series from an educational portal such as Unacademy, BodhiAI. Furthermore, online

preparation is more planned, organized and directed towards the goal.


Even though this seems to be an almost impossible choice under the pressure of preparation,

candidates must always remember that it is important to eliminate pressure. It is important

and useful to eliminate the thought of research from time to time because it rejuvenates

memory cells and contributes to better focus.


Be Positive

The most important aspect of each challenge is being positive. Don't get tired of research.

Eliminate fear of your system. Don't worry as long as you know you have done your best.

This positive approach encourages trust and, ultimately, the realization of your dreams. In

order to be eligible for the 2018 NEET exam without a training course, you must plan and

prepare your daily training schedule and set a fixed number of hours for each subject each

day according to the strengths and weaknesses of the subjects.


Follow this plan carefully to prepare NEET without guidance. and don't forget to include

holidays and free time. These activities refresh your mind and help you prepare better.

However, this does not mean that you spend most of your time with other activities and

breaks. It is recommended to spend 6 hours per day during the study period. Divide this into

three parts - 2 hours each for one subject - with a 15-minute break between them. Rest

improves the ability to divert your mind from learning. So you can give up on the idea of

‚Äč‚Äčlearning something about that day. Spend time after training with activities that interest you:

sports, dancing, sketching, or hobbies. This will improve your mind while keeping you


Remember, however, that you can reduce or increase the duration of the recommended

training according to your choice. You will feel more tired when you overdo it and this will

worsen your preparation so you can change the schedule according to your interests.

At last, if you have enrolled with the best online test series with educational portals like

BYJUs, Toppr, or BodhiAI, you will never regret the decision and it is time-efficient and cost-

efficient as well.