Aug. 28, 2019

Top Platforms Providing Online Test Series for IIT JEE Exam Preparation:

JEE Main 2020 is managed by National Testing Agency. This is an entrance examination at the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Indian Information Technology Institute (IIIT) and other centrally funded technical institutions (CFTI). This is also a screening test for the JEE Advanced Examination, which is compulsory for students who want to study at Indian Institute of Technology (IITs). Exams are conducted twice a year and online. If you want to

take the exam, you must first check the admission criteria for the exam. If not, it is important that the application is rejected. The application form will be filled online for JEE Main 2020. It must be completed before the deadline. The JEE 2020 Main Acceptance Card will only be given to applicants who have filled out the application form on time. This is an important document for students. Exams are conducted online. The results will be announced after passing the exam.


To prepare for such competitive exams, it is always advised to prepare online, by subscribing to quality online test series for IIT JEE. With the development of the online world, the online training websites for IIT JEE are not far from establishing their online presence. While the physical training centres are known for their accuracy, timeliness, and competitiveness, JEE Mains and Advanced Online Coaching have its own advantages:

  • Students in suburbs and rural areas where access to high-quality IIT-JEE training may be difficult
  • Students look for additional resources that they can access comfortably from home

Here are some websites we found really helpful for IIT exam preparation. Let us know how you find them-


Every student is different and has different learning needs. Toppr works tirelessly to solve students' problems through the use of advanced technology and to help them learn better. The portal must ensure that it is a single source learning platform. It includes more than 1.5 million study sheets, including layout questions that can be adjusted, solutions, concepts, and videos that can be seamlessly combined to provide 360 ​​° training. They use AI-based machine learning algorithms to create personalized learning pathways for millions of students. Online courses include Video lectures, Test series, Practice modules, and Doubt Discussions that can be customised with ease, each module can be bought separately.



With us, not only you study for JEE Main, but also earn while doing so. Prepare like never before. With BodhiAI get access to JEE Main complete courses and practice numerous test series. Watch videos lectures, take mock tests, create challenges, score higher and earn money. Enjoy while preparing! Furthermore, the usage of AI makes the portal way more interesting. Subscribe now and get the best result online test for IIT preparation.




Started by two ex-iitians, this is a live online coaching by IITian faculty. They facilitale applicants with pre-recorded lectures, doubt forum, free comprehensive study material, notes and past paper solutions as well. The former assistants not only serve as a teacher, but also as a mentor, friend, philanthropist, advisor, and more! The members at share their own experiences with IIT and their secrets for JEE and offers everything online, saving valuable time for the future IITian. The website offers academic support to students from remote areas who do not have access to good training centers and is is a bright spot for talented rural girls who are not allowed to move to other cities to prepare for IIT JEE. Plancess Found by IITians, Plancess is one of the leading entry-level companies in India. Plancess products are designed and developed in consultation with experts and leading candidates in their respective entrance examinations. In less than three years since it was founded in August 2012. They are committed to democratizing education and ensuring that every child has the same opportunity to continue their education at the University of their Choice. Their carefully crafted teaching and involvement tools for excellence have helped more than 10,000 students, and we are honoured to have helped each of them.

Some more such websites are-

  1. Etoos India
  2. Embibe 
  3. My Study Cart
  4. Physics Galaxy
  5. Byjus
  6. Unacademy
  7. Free IIT Coaching
  8. Dream JEE
  9. Entrance Prime
  10. Vedantus
  11. Allen
  12. Neostencil (Motion)
  13. kayson
  14. Misostudy
  15. Career orbits
  16. Avanti