Aug. 17, 2019

Why examinations are a headache?:

It has been one of the burning issues right from the beginning and it’s high time that we address this concern. What can be the possible ways of making exams a fun-filled activity from the point of view of students? Why aren’t students excited about the fact that they are just going to deliver something that they already know? Is it the reason of rot learning or more of theoretical that makes it monotonous. There is so much content available, students get confused about what and how much they are supposed to study. It’s like knowledge everywhere but the subject of relevance is missing. Especially in case of competitive examinations wherein students are preparing themselves, clearing the exams becomes a very big deal. Life becomes like growing in isolation for these students.

So when we talk about change, we talk about solutions. How about having Bodhi AI, someone who understands the needs of students and hence have come up with an alternate plan of action. Someone who guarantees personalized growth in a circle of like-wise students with the help of a Personal Assistant. For example, a student planning to take the test can invite friends who are preparing for the same course to join and challenge them. As soon as the student starts the test he will start getting notifications on who is in competition with him/her. There will be a ranking system where a student will know where his/her performance stands in comparison to friends. Also, there will be an option to improve test scores by viewing our smart content as recommendations. These suggestions are as per individual’s weak areas and hence we make the whole learning cycle unique for every student.
Also, Why Study for Free, when Bodhi AI is around. Here, a Student can create challenges on any topic of his/her choice after which the test goes live for other students to view and accept the challenge. Study Challenge isn’t it exciting?? After completion of the challenge, the winner of the test gets 1.6 times the amount invested in the test. Get paid to study is what we are talking about so that the hard work of Students is no more taken for granted.


Hence, to draw a meaningful conclusion we can say that Youths love challenges. So why not inculcate this sporting spirit in education too wherein there is no one asking them to take the test, it’s their own initiative of inviting friends to play the test game and competing with them. It’s like preparing the fun way by playing together but growing individually because ultimately practice is what makes a man perfect. So your road to success wholly depends on the number of games you have played.
Finally, are you ready to take the test challenge? Seems interesting!! so click on the test icon and challenge the world on your favorite chapter.
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