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5 Ways To Passive Income In India

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is the idea of earning money without having to actively work. For most people, it acts as a secondary income and helps to improve their finances without requiring them to be actively involved in it.

It is an attractive way to make money because it allows you to have time for other things in your life such as family, friends, or simply a hobby.

The sources for earning a passive income are continuously increasing, not only in India but all around the globe.

Passive Income Ideas In India

Passive income is the idea of earning money without having to actively work In India, there are several ways to generate passive income

5 Ways to earn passive income in India. These include:

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Blogging

3. Online Teaching Videos

4. Rental Services

5. Passive Investing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way to generate passive income. It involves promoting other people's products and services and earning commissions on sales.

The best part is that you don't have to worry about inventory, payment processing, or customer service. All you need to do is promote the product or service and get paid for every sale it generates.

There are Various Platforms to earn money through Affiliate Marketing. Some of them are listed below-:

1. Instagram

2. WhatsApp

3. Facebook

4. YouTube

5. Twitter

6. Blog Website

7. Email


Blogging is one of the easiest and most popular ways of earning passive income. You can start with a free blog about anything that interests you - like fashion, food or travel! on WordPress or Blogger, then monetize it with Google AdSense or affiliate marketing.

There are various ways to earn from blogging but here we discuss two of them.

Provide your Services:

If your blog has some informative content, it can be easy to generate web traffic to it. You may offer paid services to your online visitors. for example, if your website is on finance then you can provide Financial consulting services to your visitors.

Display Ads on Your Blog:

You can easily generate passive income by displaying and running Advertisements on your blog website. This provides the potential to earn money even while they are offline.

Bloggers can be paid for the number of times the ad is clicked (i.e cost per click) or even how many times the ad is seen.

Online Teaching Videos

Making digital tutorial videos can be a great source of earning passive income in today’s world.

Online teaching videos are a type of educational video that is used to teach and educate people about different topics. They are usually used for online courses or tutorials.

The interest in online teaching videos has increased significantly in recent years. This is because they are an effective way to teach people without the need for them to be physically present in the same place as the teacher.

Online teaching videos are used by many people for various reasons. Students can use them as a supplement to their studies, or as a replacement for in-person lectures. Teachers can use them to teach their students remotely and make sure that they have a more personal connection with their students

Some of the most popular online teaching videos Platforms are -:

1. Unacademy

2. Udemy

3. Coursera

4. YouTube

5. Bodhi AI

6. Upgrad

7. Simplilearn

Rental Services

Another way to generate passive income is through Rental services. You can easily generate Passive Income by renting several items like vehicles, property, or other assets that are sitting unused in your house. It is a reasonable usage of these things that one has already paid for. Rental Services is best for those who want to get the items on rent.

Passive Investing

Passive income is the holy grail of money. The idea is to earn money while you sleep, while you're on vacation, or when you're doing something else. But passive income requires a lot of upfront work, effort, and even a good bit of skill.

Investing in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds is one of the most popular ways to earn passive income.

1) Invest in stocks: If you want to invest in stocks but don't want to spend all your time researching individual companies and their stock prices, consider investing in an index fund instead.

2) Invest in bonds: Bonds are a type of debt instrument that pays interest on a regular basis and typically matures within 10 years or less.

3) Invest in real estate: Buying a house is typically the most common way people invest their money into real estate.

4) Start a business: Starting your own business can be risky but it's also one of the best ways to earn a passive income because you can control how much time and effort you put into it.

5) Invest in Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency has been around for less than ten years and yet it's already made


In Today’s world, Having a passive income source becomes mandatory as the inflation rate peaks. Passive income allows one to become financially stable, remove stress, help them remain independent, and achieve their financial goals One can choose any of India's above-mentioned passive income ideas according to their interest and make a good amount of handy money from it. If you liked reading this, share the article with others!

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