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NEET Preparation Tips for 2022

Is NEET Exam Going to be Difficult in


Is NEET Exam Going to be Difficult in 2022?
NEET Preparation Tips for 2022

The NEET difficulty level cannot be predicted beforehand because it will change every year.

A common myth among medical students is that the NEET exam gets harder every year.

NEET 2020 can be more difficult or easier than 2019 and previous years.

Tough or easy all depend upon how well prepared you are. While going in for online neet

preparation, there has to be proper tracking from the very beginning. It's about relative

efficiency. Easy or difficult that should not be a problem. Your preparation should never

match the level of difficulty of the paper. Everything is relative. If paper is difficult, it is

difficult for everyone and vice versa, and therefore the reduction will vary. The only thing

that matters is relative representation.

Now, when it comes to how to prepare, here are some tips. These points should be kept in

mind from the very initiation.

Go by Syllabus

You must be familiar with the NEET syllabus if you must pass an exam. The program is very

comprehensive and covers topics and concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology. It is clear

that in NEET 50 percent of the questions are in biology and the other 50 percent are in

chemistry and physics. Therefore, preparing for NEET 2020 must begin with an

understanding of the topics you must study. Compare the NEET courses specified with your

10 + 2 curriculum. Share general topics so that your NEET exam preparation and exam

preparation can be distinguished for you. Unusual topics must be treated separately, so take

your time. The NEET 2020 program will be the basis of all preparations. Therefore, try to

complete the study of a given topic within a certain period of time with enough time to

review and practice.

Do not forget to check the Exam Schedule

A must factor to be kept in mind during preparation plan for any NEET aspirant is the

knowledge of the dates and chain of events before and after the exam. Deadlines and

timetables can be better planned and executed with this knowledge. Here are some things you

should know about the NEET 2020:

 NEET 2020 will take place in the first week of May.

 The application form for NEET 2020 will be available starting the first week of

November 2019.

 Applicants who qualify for the exam can fill the application form until the last week

of November 2019.

 The test can be conducted twice in February and May 2020. However, there is no

official communication from the Audit Authority.

 It is important to target a good NEET 2020 ranking because you will compete in only

63,900 places with only under 15 lakh students.

The Timetable

A common choir heard everywhere is, "Time is very valuable, so use it well." All 16 students

plus students study the same NEET program. So what makes you more successful than

others? One factor can be better time management. This is a broad term that includes all of

the following tips to give you a good start.

 Start with a schedule that includes your lessons, the time you spend studying NEET,

reading and, yes, free time.

 Your desk must be such that you can study, review, and practice it every day.

 Let short breaks in this schedule like "All work and no games make Jack a boring


 Your schedule must be calculated so that you can repeatedly study difficult topics,

practice more questions and turn difficult topics into simple ones.

Furthermore, you should make a timetable for your own preparation, which helps you begin

on time and saves you from the anxiety and last minute panic, which is never beneficial in the

process. Also, irrespective of whether the exam will be conducted online or offline, it is

highly recommended that you prepare online by subscribing to NEET online test series with

some good portal like Unacademy, mystudycart, BYJUs or BodhiAI. These websites provide

with NEET mock test and help you in the preparation by giving you personalized courses.

So, instead of getting scared of tough paper, or taking it lightly thinking that it will be easy,

the best is to have a clear perspective and sorted mind-set since day one.

Happy Preparing!

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